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how i spent my 4th of july: i slept. well, i slept from early…

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how i spent my 4th of july:

i slept.

well, i slept from early morning until time for fireworks. i went alone because shawn was asleep and everyone else i know was busy.

they were scheduled to start at 9:40 so i figured "hey, i'm like 10 mins from lenox going straight down peachtree dunwoody, i should be fine leaving at 9". but i had to get gas. and there is when i found out that my check card has expired, argh. so that cut out about 10 mins of driving time. and then i got stopped by every fuckign stoplight on peachtree dunwoody.

and then there was parking. i couldn't find not even one fucking parking spot. so i just randomly drove around until they started and then swung into the first road i saw (almost hitting a few people. thank fucking god my car is so short, i fit in a tiny space between two cars that was left for someone's driveway and ran to the end of the road so i coudl watch.

the fireworks were fuckign incredible. i have never in my life seen fireworks that great. there were three finales. the first two were pretty standard, but god damn at the third one. they were even showing off a bit with ones shaped like stars and hearts and smiley faces. absolutely amazing. i was reduced to standing there wide eyed and mumbling "god damn".

however, i was standing there with a group of drunk 20 somethings who happened to live nearby and had 3 kegs they were in the process of emptying. i was treated to overhearing a (completely serious) discussion about the american revolutionary war against south africa. there was also an announcment that i was standing in the "official republican section" and during the finale there were plenty of people chanting "usa" and "woooo!!! america!!!" and one guy was like "fuck you england!!!" (<3! was hilarious)

i was by far the most sober and most alone person there.
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On July 5th, 2004 10:30 pm (UTC), johnphys commented:
Also, I just posted something on this topic (in my lj), and would be grateful for any comments you might have.

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