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in addendum to my post a few days ago about late night commercials.…

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in addendum to my post a few days ago about late night commercials. (i would link it, but i'm too lazy)

i've also noticed a lot of commericals for the military and vagisil.

i dunno why, but whenever i hear "have you ever had painful, burning feminine itch?" i cringe and laugh at the same time.

if your cunt started to itch, wouldn't you... oh i dunno, go to a fucking doctor before it got to the point that it was burning and painful? o_O


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On July 7th, 2004 09:03 am (UTC), fuzzdecay commented:
well, imagine your balls were a bit swollen and itchy, and it didn't go away, only got worse.

would you really let it go for too long without getting treatment?

some girls are just retarded and think it's just go away on its own. and then they wonder why guys are all like "i'm not getting my face anywhere around there" well maybe it's because your vagina is full of yeasty goodness and smells rotten.

argh. /rant

be lucky you don't have to deal with vaginas.
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