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i'm installing os x on the ibook. i'm only gonna have 2 gigs of free space with os 9 and x installed.

i'm sick again. nose, throat and ear.

it's rainy.

and i had a dream last night that my bike had a motor and shawn put burnt toast in instead of oil and some asian chick was like "yes. that is how you do it". it was quite odd.

i'm going to the doctor at 1:45.

i'm finally done with my 3 digital photographic production things. they get turned in tomorrow. a sketch of my menu is due monday. we're doing a tile floor in geometry to somehow tie it in with our design program. that's due the week of registration. that's like next week.

i dropped conceptual thinking. my life is just a bit less hectic. the only time i had to work on stuff for that class was on the weekend. lytle keeps me busy all week because "layout is the most important class you take your freshman year" and all that. i gotta come up with something portfolio worthy in that class so i'm really applying myself. maybe too much.
Tags: art school, bikes are wanton death machines, bitching about the weather, computer stuff, fucked up dreams, plague

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