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today has been like... the most miserable day of this year.

my uterus is trying to claw its way out of my stomach, alien style. i'm so expecting my uterus to explode out of my stomach in a bloody mass and pull itself out with its little fallopian tube arms and wave its little ovary hands in triumph.

so i've been laying on my tummy on a heating pad pretty much constantly since i got home, partly for the soothing heat, partly because it can't claw its way out if it's pressed against the futon.

i use the tiny tampons that are hard to find. because... i'm a tiny girl. but today when i went to buy them... they didn't have the tiny ones, they only had the regular sized ones. i was in a lot of pain and just wanted to get home so i grabbed them thinking they wouldn't be too different.

boy was i wrong!

the ones i usually get are as big around as my pinky... these are twice that big... and they hurt. :\ like it's not bad enough that i'm crampy, now i'm crampy and stuffed full of so much cotton it's making me sore

i hate being a girl sometimes.

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