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all the rain we've been having lately caused the wall between the pond and roswell road at my old apartment complex to cave in. i told everyone that place was a shithole. my grandma heard about it on the news and woke my mom up in the middle of the night because of it. my mom had to remind her that i moved out of the ghetto where only half a tree has fallen amidst the storms.

they drained the pond and there's an overturned car down there. a mid 80s something or other. doesn't surprise me in the least. i'm surprised the sewage from the complex wasn't draining in there like it was out of the bottom of the building i used to live in.

i'm slightly more well.... no thanks to the incompetent doctor. shawn is a good nurse. :)

it's sunny outside but crazy windy and cold. i can't believe it's almost summer and only 60 outside.

shawn has somehow found a way to make omelets taste like arby's curly fries. it's odd but pretty good.

os x is on my ibook. i just need to clean it, because i suspect that it's what made me sick.

we've finally put a huge dent in the boxes behind the futon. only took 6 months. :) the living room looks a lot bigger now. i think we might decorate today. :D

we bought some reveal bulbs for our bathroom so it doesn't look all yellow anymore. yay! those reveal bulbs are truly amazing.

the koi have a big rock in their aquarium now. the one from the 10 gallon wasn't big enough for the 30. they hide under it. i think it's weird when referring to our pets it's always "Jay" and "the fish". Like jay has a personality, the fish are just retarded. not both of them.... just the yellow one. figures the one that matches my tat is the retarded one.
Tags: bitching about the weather, body modification, boyfriends past and present, computer stuff, family, housing, i live in filth, pets, plague, psychotic grandma, the terrible bradford pear

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