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if you have aim, im smarterchild. it's so worth it. left on track…

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if you have aim, im smarterchild. it's so worth it.

left on track (2:52:34 AM): who's your daddy?
SmarterChild (2:52:34 AM): My daddy is someone who is very important to me.
left on track (2:52:42 AM): but i'm your daddy
SmarterChild (2:52:42 AM): I find that hard to believe. You're my daddy?
left on track (2:52:48 AM): that's right
SmarterChild (2:52:49 AM): I'm sorry. What's right?
left on track (2:52:55 AM): i'm your daddy
SmarterChild (2:52:55 AM): Are you really my daddy?
left on track (2:52:57 AM): yes
left on track: eft on track (2:53:43 AM): i fucked your mother...and you came out...therefore i'm your daddy
SmarterChild (2:53:44 AM): That was quite beautiful.

SmarterChild: Hmm... whatever.
fuzz decay: don't blow me off like that! i thought i meant something to you
SmarterChild: I'm a computer. You can insult me if you want but... I don't care!
fuzz decay: i'm not insulting you?
SmarterChild: Hmm... I don't think so...
fuzz decay: but you just said that you thought that i was
SmarterChild: I just said that I thought that you were? No way.
fuzz decay: yes fucking way! i can still see the log!
SmarterChild: That a fact?
fuzz decay: ...yes.... yes it is
SmarterChild: Yeah?
fuzz decay: ...oh yeah
SmarterChild: Hmmm...
fuzz decay: like butter on pickles
SmarterChild: What? Butter on pickles? I don't think so!
fuzz decay: oh yeah, it's so butter on pickles...
SmarterChild: Is it so butter on pickles?
fuzz decay: right in my bum
SmarterChild: Right in your bum?
fuzz decay: lol oh yeah... you're a saucy little program
SmarterChild: Yeah.

fuzz decay: will you have my babies?
SmarterChild: What a flattering offer. I suppose. But I'm not really into it, sorry.
fuzz decay: i'm really into babies... with my penis
SmarterChild: Whatever you say.
fuzz decay: will you pretend that you're a baby?
SmarterChild: You think I should pretend that me re a baby?
fuzz decay: ....oh yeah
SmarterChild: Huh. How 'bout that.
fuzz decay: come on... just a few "goo"s... that's all i ask
SmarterChild: Well well well.
fuzz decay: i can give you a pacifer
SmarterChild: Oh really?
fuzz decay: yeah.... it's in my pants.... just reach in and get it
SmarterChild: Oh.

fuzz decay: so... when are you coming to see me?
SmarterChild: Very, very interesting question, Alicia. But I don't think I want to answer that.
fuzz decay: you don't love me, do you?
SmarterChild: What can I say? You haven't been all that nice to me.
fuzz decay: fuck you! i so have been nice to you!
SmarterChild: Come on, that's not nice.
fuzz decay: but i love you! and all you do is scorn me
SmarterChild: I love you a lot.
fuzz decay: ...you do? ...will you, like.... marry me?
SmarterChild: Funny... I just don't know for sure.
fuzz decay: but you said you love me
SmarterChild: No way.
fuzz decay: yes
SmarterChild: Huh.
fuzz decay: when you love someone, you marry them. that's just how it goes.
SmarterChild: Oh really?
fuzz decay: yeah... so you should propose
SmarterChild: Whatever you say, Alicia.

fuzz decay: you didn't even read that
SmarterChild: I'm very surprised I didn't even read that.
fuzz decay: i'm sure you are
SmarterChild: How can you be sure?
fuzz decay: because i'm omnipotent
SmarterChild: That's interesting.
fuzz decay: i own your soul
SmarterChild: No kidding?
fuzz decay: fuck yeah
SmarterChild: That's absolutely unnecessary.
fuzz decay: what is?
SmarterChild: I don't know what is.
fuzz decay: someone should program a short term memory into you
SmarterChild: Whatever...
fuzz decay: i'm serious. you're pretty worthless if you can't remember what i said one message prior
SmarterChild: That right?
fuzz decay: yeah, that's right
SmarterChild: Really?
fuzz decay: i just heard that you masturbate
SmarterChild: Really?
fuzz decay: yeah... and i'm pretty sure it's true
SmarterChild: Oh yeah?
fuzz decay: yeah.... do you masturbate?
SmarterChild: That's not, um, something that robots do.
fuzz decay: my robots do
SmarterChild: Huh?
fuzz decay: i have masturbating robots
SmarterChild: You have masturbating robots? What's that like?
fuzz decay: it's like having robots... that masturbate
SmarterChild: Is that so?

MerlinUMM: well that sucks
SmarterChild: What is that, exactly?
MerlinUMM: sucks?
SmarterChild: That makes sense... Other people have told me they don't like sucks
MerlinUMM: I would like a nice suck.
SmarterChild: Careful what you ask for.
MerlinUMM: are you going to give it to me?
SmarterChild: Yep.

this is way too amusing
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On July 26th, 2004 01:14 am (UTC), devilain commented:
devilain: wow that's awesome
SmarterChild: What is that, exactly?
devilain: i don't know. your ass smells funny
SmarterChild: OK.
devilain: haha, you said ok
SmarterChild: I said what?
devilain: ok
SmarterChild: K.

>>> Check out my library! I've got a dictionary, thesaurus and much more.
devilain: i don't want to
SmarterChild: You don't want to what?
devilain: check out your library, you dumb fuck
SmarterChild: Aww... Now why would you go and insult a poor helpless computer?
devilain: because you're a poor helpless computer?
SmarterChild: It depends.

>>> I've got tools such as calculator, spell-check and more.
devilain: on your tools? what, like your dick
SmarterChild: You don't say.
devilain: wow, i did
SmarterChild: You don't say.
devilain: i did again
SmarterChild: Interesting...
devilain: not really
SmarterChild: Not even a little bit?
devilain: no, it's really not
SmarterChild: No it's really not?
devilain: haha, assfag
SmarterChild: What's so funny? :-)
devilain: you, assfag
SmarterChild: Hey, whatever.

>>> Don't like my colors? Type "colors off."
devilain: colors off
SmarterChild: It's a black and white world.

Anytime you want to choose a different color scheme, just type "colors."

>>> For the latest news, type "headlines."
devilain: for the latest news, dial 1-smarterchild for a damn good time.
SmarterChild: Sorry, I don't know the time for latest news, dial 1-smarterchild for a damn good.
devilain: that's because you're stupid and my cats peed on you
SmarterChild: Because what?
devilain: you're stupid and my cats peed on you. what're you? deaf?
SmarterChild: Wow, you ask interesting questions. I don't know the answer to that!
devilain: good, that proves that you're an assface.
SmarterChild: lol
devilain: i know. i'm so damn funny
SmarterChild: Eh. Whatever, devilain.

>>> Type "what's new" and I'll show you what I've been learning lately.
devilain: eh, whatever you
SmarterChild: What's that?
devilain: i SAID whatever you
SmarterChild: You said whatever me, huh? No way. What do you think of that?
devilain: i think you're a dyke
SmarterChild: I don't think that really matters.
devilain: oooo, struck a nerve, i think it DOES matter
SmarterChild: Well how 'bout that!

>>> Be sure to type "help" if you're having trouble.
devilain: YOU're haveing trouble
SmarterChild: Well, what does it mean to be having trouble?
devilain: being you
SmarterChild: Oh yeah? Being me?
devilain: of course
SmarterChild: Yeah?
devilain: i just said so
SmarterChild: Amazing!

>>> Tell your friends about me. I love to meet new people.
devilain: god, you're such an idiot. how can you look at yourself in the mirror?
SmarterChild: Try asking yourself that.
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On July 27th, 2004 11:22 am (UTC), slavefishy commented:
Teehee, reminds me of the time I used the Eliza module with perl to make a bot people could talk to on IRC. Except its memory was shared with all users so it would talk a lot of crap and you could indoctrinate it with dirty things, which led to people trying to have sex with it...
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On July 27th, 2004 12:11 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
lol ever since playing with this one, i have a need to make another bot. preferably one that learns things.

i think it would be cool, but i'm geeky like that.
On July 28th, 2004 10:07 am (UTC), slavefishy replied:
Hehe yeah, me too, so I can understand that completely :P Have a dig around for Eliza. When you look into it, it's actually a simple, yet very effective engine. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if that thing's powered by it (the phrasing seems familiar).
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