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dolsen called me today (i told him to call you clara, so don't freak out). he's not dead... which is a good thing. he bought a cell phone. he works at a mitsubishi dealership so he can live out his dream of being vin diesel ;). he called my mom before he called me. i still think he wants my mom's shit which is nasty and very very wrong.

shawn told me that my mom sounds like reba mcintire. i'm too scared to ask him if i do. that would suck.

i gave shawn the throat sars. i was scared he'd get sick too. :\ i feel really bad. i offered to make him feel better oatmeal but he declined.

we bought a potato in a plastic wrap (for microwave baked potato) like 2 weeks ago and one of them sprouted inside the plastic. i think i'm gonna plant it... and name it steve.

the koi are being slightly less retarded. yay! i'm still scared i'm gonna wake up to the yellow one dead on the counter one day. crazy little bastard.

shawn got put on probation for driving w/expired tag/no insurance, only because i didn't have my checkbook on me. if i had he'd have walked out of there with just a $600 hole in our pockets. he's pretty pissed about it. he's angry like a sea beast. it's bullshit but at least he can make payments on it now, give us a chance to get on our feet kinda.

the only channel our rabbit ears and aluminum foil pick up is the wb. i now have a strange addiction to elimdate and the 5th wheel that i'm not at all proud of.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, car stuff, family, friends, pets, plague, trouble with the cops

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