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lates peoples

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as all you regulars (who don't post comments) know, i'm moving to go off to art school. well, i'm leaving tomorrow at 5am and i'm not sure when i'm going to get the internet back. i know this is going to throw a wrench in dozens of guys masturbatory fantasies. go find another cute chick to jack off to. = P

I've been trying tonight to get ahold of everyone i know tonight and leave them my cell number, but that's proving to be harder than i thought with all the chaos going on trying to get my shit packed. so if you're stranded without a way to talk to me, email would be your best bet.

it's weird knowing that i'm now living in a place i don't belong. my room's all gutted out and mostly empty. i don't feel at home in it anymore. i'm beginning to really not like all this moving business. my grandma's all up in my shit telling me how all my animals are going to miss me, trying to guilt me into staying. everyone's in my room. i haven't had a damn bit of peace since i woke up today. it's making me seriously bitchy.

i think i'm gonna go chill in the tub for the last time.
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