alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

i'm exhausted. it was only a 2 hour ride but jesus christ. i was in a car with 3 other women so it was constant talking.

i can't say that it wasn't fun though.

where we're staying is so tiny. there's not shit here. there's a hotel and some mom and pop restaurant and a hardee's. argh, i almost feel like i'm back in my hometown. there's nothing to do but talk and sit around, so of course i've broken out the laptop.

my cellphone doesn't get shit for reception up here. the town is just that tiny.


i'm so hungry. but claudia is telling her tale of hiking through the rainforest and tubing through some caves while on her cruise a few months ago, so i can't really go anywhere.

i'm so scared my accent is going to come back from hanging out with these people.

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