alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

so yeah, i went to bed at 10 and i'm already awake. i think this is due to the fact that i'm rooming with three people who all talk in their sleep or snore. and i'm having to share a bed with my mom. i'm not used to having to share beds with people. nor am i used to having to sleep in clothes.

this is so lame. i wish at least my cell worked.

have i ever mentioned how i hate sleeping in hotel beds? i haven't had to in years now. i just feel dirty sleeping in them. and the sheets here are plain white sheets, i'm sure they're good for hiding bodily fluids. :\

for such a small town.. er, well it's not really a town. for such a... small collection of buildings? the hotel itself is really well designed. i was pleasantly surprised.

i would like to point out right now how fucking glad i am that i transfered all of my music over to my ibook. the 6ths and the von bondies are so keeping me sane in this 3 hours that i'm going to be awake before everyone else.

i have half a mind to run outside and try to chase down a cell signal and call someone, probably shawn, since he's the only one i know that would still be awake now, but i know if i open the door, it'll wake them up. argh.

i figure if i just keep typing, everything will be okay.

so the group of people i'm here with are, interesting to say the least. since i'm bored like fuck, you're going to get all the little details. i'm so sorry.

the people:
me: umm, duh.

claudia: 27, she does everyone's nails. she used to do my pedicures when i still lived in douglas. she's extremely talkative and insane, but in a definite;y good way. she's fucking hilarious.

my mom: 39, acts like she's 50 half of the time. very shy and reserved unless she's around kathy.

kathy: 51, acts like she's 30. i seriously had no idea she was as old as she is for the first year i knew her. i can only hope when i'm that old i'm still so full of life. kathy, my mom, and barbara all worked together in the same office, but kathy recently moved to atlanta to work for the corporate office. she moved to be closer to her kids and her internet boyfriend. everyone is currently pissed at kathy for bringing said internet boyfriend on the "girl's weekend".

kathy's boyfriend: around kathy's age. no one likes him. i have yet to form an opinion since the entire 20 minutes i was around him, claudia was telling us about swimming through a cave full of bat shit in the rainforest, and he didn't say anything.

barbara: 53ish, again, doesn't act her age at all. i just met her when they picked me up in atlanta so i don't have a clear vision of who she is at a person yet. she seems a bit reserved.

so, the group dynamic is pretty odd, because we're all over the place. what's really odd to me, is seeing my mom actually having fun around her friends. all i've wanted for ages is to see my mom happy, and i've finally started to see that. it makes me so incredibly happy because all my life i've been so convinced that i ruined her life, financially and socially. now all i have to do is convince her to start dating again.

i've seen a side of my mom that i've never seen before tonight. the side of her that's still a 15 y/o girl that laughs at fart jokes. it's been strange to say the least. i believe this is the first time i've seen my mom laugh until she's started crying.

time is so just creeping by. it's only 5:30. argh.

it's cold as fuck in this room! claudia and i are the only pre menopausal women on this trip and they've been completely freezing us out the entire time. i actually ended up sleeping under all the blankets in all my clothes and i was still cold. o_O

i still have no idea what to expect with this whole rafting thing. when i ask mom and kathy what it's going to be about, all they do is give me really vague answers, such as "you'll have to carry the raft for a little ways" and "don't worry, if you fall out, we'll pull you back in." and the ever popular "there's a huge waterfall."

so claudia just woke up too, because aooarently it was barbara and my mom doing all the talking in thier sleep and snoring thing, and it woke her up too. so we're both awake and everything around here is closed, and by everything, i mean the hardees and the convenience store.

okay, i just go ta text message so obviously i have some service right? but my phone says i don't have any service and won't let me call out. wtf is that?

i think i'm going to brave the outdoors, because i'm about to go insane. an hour and a half more of this is either going to force me to write a novel, or kill people.


only one more hour to go! i just found out that if i walk to the corner of the gas station, i get one bar of service, which is enough to have a rather choppy conversation, but a conversation nonetheless! as i was outside, i watched the convenience store and the hardee's open.

it's all foggy and cold outside, but the air is refreshingly clean. it's been a while since i've been out in non- smog filled air. i really miss that.

it's so weird to be outside, and have nothing happening at all. there was a guy sitting in a rocking chair, and a couple of cars driving through, but other than that, nothing.

it reminds me a lot of being in my home town, except on a much smaller scale, which is sad, because my hometown only had 6 stop lights and didn't have a population large enough for mc donald's to move in. this town doesn't even have a stop light. on one side of the road it's a gas station, the hotel, a car wash and a hardee's, and on the other side of the road there is a gas station, a restaurant, a family dollar, a car dealership, and a piggly wiggly. that's it. there's nothing else, except for a handful of houses that are pretty well spaced apart.

on the bright side, the hardee's sells icecream. so i think i might head over there and get some moosetracks for breakfast. \m/ >< \m/

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