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i fucked up shawn's computer without even touching it.

we bought some ram today. we were gonna get a 128 stick of pc 100. after a wild goose chase 1/8 of the way across atl we ended up having to settle for a 133. we took it to shawn's mom's house to put it in her puter and it can't handle 133. and she couldn't return it cuz we had to buy it on my debit card so we took it home.

in the middle of the slow process that is waxing my legs (been 3 days so far... about halfway done) i had an idea. "hey shawn," i said, "why don't we take the 256 of 133 out of your puter and the new stick of 128 and put them in mine? then you could have my stick of 256 pc 100 and your mom could have my 128." all of this depending on my puter being able to handle 133. 4 unsuccessful restarts and a bios flash later i found out that indeed, my motherboard is a piece of shit and i should have just upgraded instead of buying this sweet ass ibook.

so... we get my puter back to working and shawn puts his shit back in and his motherboard doesn't post and the fan on one of his power supplies doesn't work and the hdd spins up but then stops.

here's some background on shawn's puter... he has an old (by old i mean the age of my puter) gateway that he's ghetto rigged a case for because his other wasn't big enough. the case is held together with the metal blades from some windshield wipers (suspending one power supply from the top of the case), a plastic coathanger (making the back, which most of had to be cut away because the case was made for another motherboard), and tons and tons of zip ties. one of his power supplies is just kinda resting in the bottom of the case. when he leaned the case over it touched his motherboard. he suspects that it might have shorted it out.

had i not had this brilliant idea to get shawn's mom a 128 stick of pc 100 none of this shit would have happened.

shawn insists that i didn't fuck up his puter. he says it doesn't matter because it's just a material object. and he has now popped out his hdd and is using the puter that was gonna be our server.... maybe i shouldn't feel so bad.

what i don't understand is why my motherboard... that supports up to a ghz processor can't support fucking 133 when shawn's puter can and the puters that we've dug out of the fucking recycling center can. wtf is up with that?
Tags: boyfriends past and present, computer stuff

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