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i had my first airport adventure today! i had to pick equusk up, because she finally decided to once again abandon new jersey and come back to her new home, and no one else would go pick her up.

so the milkcarton got some interstate action. w00t!

now, i've never been to an airport ever, actually, i'd never even seen the atl airport form anything but aerial pictures and the weather cameras, well... and that time that i got bored and rode the north/south marta line from north springs all the way down to the airport. eventhough i didn't actually go in the airport, i still count it as an airport adventure.

it was predictably non eventful.

but i was bribed to go with an early xmas present. and omfg it's the cutest shit ever! she got me a house for hermit crab which is by the same guy that wrote the very hungry caterpillar (which is the best book of all time). and it's so cute it makes my teeth hurt :)

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