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my dearest aunt debbie,

please don't clog my inbox with pictures of your fetus. there's nothing cute about seeing your unborn child's brain and bones. i can barely even tell it's human. it could be a squid for all i know.

and you sent me pictures of it proving it's a boy. you sent me pictures of your baby squid's penis.

i woke up today to ultrasounds of a baby penis. it was... vomitastic!

thanks for making me lose my appetite!

<3 your ever loving neice

dear fucktard in the nissan titan,

you've cemented my faith that all bush supporters are idiots. maybe if you moved your bush cheney sticker out of the middle of your back window, you would have seen me and not cut me off.

i hope your tire shreds when you're going 80 down roswell road.

<3 the barely unflattened milkcarton.

my voter registration card came in today!

...only in georgia would you have to vote in a fucking church.
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