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last night i accidently called my old house from my pocket at 5am and woke up my grandparents.

my grandma listened in on me for 10 mins before i realized i had called them, and then we had a 20 minute conversation about politics. it's the longest i've talked to her since i moved out and, surprisingly, it didn't end in her yelling at me and telling me that i'm a fat loser that will never amount to anything.

tonight, i went to my first haunted house with neonjellibean, brendan (who has no lj... bad brendan!) and some of his friends. brendan's friends are wusses. they screamed like little girls.

i just yelled "fuck!" a lot. most of the time it was from people screeching and shoving me forward when i was trying to take my time.

one of brendan's friends was mauled by a black girl wearing dark lipstick and has a huge mark on his shirt from it.

on the way up there, there was a bad wreck that blocked the two left lanes. the cop was parked so you could squeeze between him and the barrier and this mormon woman in front of us tried it and the cop ran after her and started screaming at her. at one point we could hear it in kelly's car with the windows up and the radio on. he was yelling "i don't care what you thought!!!"

on the way home, there was another wreck that blocked the 3 left lanes. we were stuck in traffic forever.

oh! and i got the best picture of neonjellibean:


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