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i went to the polls around 11am. i only was there an hour. w00t!

that hour was sprinkled with these little kids trying to raise money for their drama club. i do not condone that because:

1. it's annoyning as fuck
2. i refuse to give money to any sort of church.

i didn't have much of a problem with it at first because they were selling doughnuts and water and candy and stuff to the people in line. when it started to drizzle a little bit, they were just walking around with empty fake hats begging for money for their drama club. after about an hour of it, i was ready to trip the little fuckers and hope they knocked out their teeth on the asphalt. at least when they were selling stuff, they were giving people a service for their money.

oh, and way to impede someone's education, there. they were outside all day selling shit instead of inside learning. this has done nothing but reaffirm my suspicion that private schools are shit.

argh, and people brought their screaming cuntfruit that couldn't even walk yet. get a fucking sitter fucktards.

and the poll people were the least helpful people ever. i had no idea what to do since i'd never voted before, and they just got pissed when i wasn't ready and barely gestured where i should go (there were lots of poorly labeled tables and it was confusing).

but, i voted. and i came home and had a 3 hour nap instead of going to class. my sleep debt is being slowly erased! \m/ >< \m/

(a slightly less personal and more rageful entry xposted to childfree)

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