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i have an alternator and two rotors sitting in my backseat.

and about $600 in my bank account.

....which means, after putting on the rotors and putting in the new alternator (and getting back half of that money), and i can go get my cv axles fixed. after over a year of having them fucked up.

and i can have my new tires put on.

and then i get to change my oil and tranny fluid. and then i can drive home for thanksgiving instead of having my mom drive up here :D

i've really proud that i've done almost all of the work on my car, the only things i haven't done are the water pump and some exhaust work and the cv axles and tires when i get those done. everything else has been me (and shawn when i'm not strong enough, like when we were trying to get the suspension off the back of my car).

you have no idea how happy i am to finally almost be done with all the important fixes on this car, i've been terrified that it's just gonna break one day and kill me for the past year and a couple months.


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