alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

atl, capitol of the dirtae souf

i have some time to type today. i'm at shawn's house and he's at work. i gotta bitch. okay. i moved in the apartments and the first day they were nice. ugly shit brown color but nice for dorms. the pool was sparkling and clean and the buildings were in decent shape and i have a pretty view but within 3 days that place turned into a shit hole. the pool's cloudy and there was raw sewage fucking leaking from the bottom floor of my building. wtf is up with that? hello, health inspector.

i found out that aia keeps a "don't ask don't tell" policy with people over past curfew. yay! but my god have my roomates been fucking abusing that. there's always like 7 people at the apartment until like 2am. people i don't even know. people that try to steal our stuff. people that need their left teste removed.

rachel and shanica are coo roomates. we get along quite well. but shafah. omg. thus far she's shown absolutely no respect for any one else's musical taste, she doesn't talk to any of us, she ties up the bathroom for 2 hours at a time getting ready, she's befriended people that have warrants out for their arrest, she brought like 6 cases of alcohol into our apartment, she smokes in there while we're all gone, she's sneaky and manipulative, she fucks with our stuff, she lets her guests completely disrespect us, etc. we need to get her kicked out.

shawn just called and derailed my bitching.

oh yeah, shafah listens to the same rap station incessently. i have to hear the "trick loves the kids" song like 305843987598434598 times a day. i'm fucking going insane. i can only take so much. our fan on our ac is broken. my shower is 3in bigger than my body. i STILL don't have the net. we've had to ghetto rig our cable so we only get like 10 channels at a time. the guys below us blare obnoxious rap music all night.

but it's still better than living at home.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, geekery, housing, i hate south georgia, inconsiderate fucktards

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