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sometimes..... because i'm retarded.... it gets me down that no one ever posts comments in my lj....

but then again i'm happy... because it would surely draw retards like my guestbook did and that's something to avoid at all costs.

not like "make it so only lj members can post in my journal" nor "make my journal friends only" because nothing too fucked up has happened.

school is officially fucking over for almost a month. i'm like humping walls happy. i need a real break before the next quarter. that school is chock-full of bullshit. i can't wait to graduate so i can go to a different school (preferably less money hungry) and get my god damn masters. i've pretty much made up my mind that i'm gonna further my education. probably work and go to school.

i'm pretty sure that i'm gonna do well in the graphic design field.... or the web design field... whichever i choose. i dunno where that confidence came from but i'm glad it's finally there. you know.... when i bitch about my school i should write the art institute of atlanta (aia) so google will pick that shit up... warn potential students.

hell... it's better than south georgia (13th grade) college.

i'm off to make my scrumdidlyumptious made from scratch cinnamon rolls.
Tags: ai is full of fuckheads, art school, geekery, i hate south georgia

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