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bappy_lorenzo mailed me a copy of the new wave dyke xmas sampler and a copy of his new cd. i really recommend you head over to his lj orhis website and get a copy. especially of the xmas cd. (i <3 it the mostest!) it's a cd of covers of other songs, i know you all know about my love of covers. (seriously, i collect punk covers of strange songs... mostly 80s songs.)

he apparently makes one of these every year, last year it had the bee in the speaker song on it (if you remember that few days that i was trying to figure out the words on lj) and was one of the major reasons we started talking, other than the rubber boot emporium website and random mentionings of the porkchop display cabinet (ian is an odd boy). i still fucking <3 that song hardcore.

anyways, i <3 the magnetic fields and the shins covers. and it's probably one of the coolest cds i have right now.

and i know he's reading this and is horribly embarrassed now. ha!

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