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i am made of cupcakes! magic cupcakes! vanilla, with white icing and sprinkles.

in other news, i've just now officially gone to half of my classes, due to an unfortunate skipping of my chem class, and my last class of the week is tonight at 6 and it just happens to be the class that everyone is in.

once a quarter, most of the people i know tend to end up in one class. mostly because once you pick a time of day to start taking classes within your major (morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, evening), you take classes with the same 20 people over and over. i tend to take late afternoon and evening classes, and early afternoon as little as i possibly can. i haven't had a class before 10am in 3 years now. \m/

sometimes we have the "lj reunion" class too, although that's much more rare. a lot of lj people are in the everyone classes, but there are some fringe ljers that just don't seem to like to take evening classes. and there are some "everyone" people that are lj-less that tend to end up in that class, like drunk eric.

yes, he's always referred to as "drunk eric".

i think ending the week with the everyone class is going to be great, and it'll make planning weekend activities so much easier. :D

there's already a girl in my english class that i despise. she's one of those "make corny jokes and laugh to loud, oh please teacher validate my existence because all the students see me as the pathetic waste of flesh i am" kinda people. if i'm going to be discussing modernist literature, i like the conversation to at least be intelligent and thought provoking. jesus christ.

and she completely dominates the conversation. so much for healthy debate. *rolls eyes*

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