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whenever i'm watching bush speak, i substitute "freedom" with "christianity" in my head.

in other news, the people that go to my school are retarded. they didn't know what malleable meant and didn't know what ionic bonds were. my teacher asked my chemistry background and immediately asked why the hell i was taking that class and apologized for how bored i'm going to be.

and she's all british and spells color funny and it's cute. and she said "zed" when spelling something for one of the students and i think i actually heard some of their brains break.

i'm gonna get to write another children's book! i just need a really advanced chemistry topic that would hopefully involve maiming a small child or their pet in its explanation.

my teacher heard about the last children's book i was a part of and wants a copy to help teach her highschool classes. i suppose i shoudl talk this over with kat.

and lenders died yesterday. i was too sad to write about it. rip lenders <3

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