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It's about time for a party at my house
And it wouldn't be the same without you
No not at all as I recall
You've got what I need

Bring along yourself and don't forget that smile
And plan on staying a while
Till summer turns to fall as I recall
You've got what I need

You said you were leaving
I said you were crazy
You said that you had some things to do

I'll see you in a while
And don't forget that smile
What else could there possibly be to do?
-mxpx: party, my house, be there

sometimes i'm reminded (usually when i'm in the shower) of a summer a few years ago. and it's usually because of that song. i'm reminded of the beach and the airbrush artist that i fell for there. his name was dave (i have a thing for guys with single syllable names.... ha! i'm a monosyllabic girl /end references to punk songs). i was his "punk rock girl" before my reintroduction to punk music. i was really into nin and tool and shit like that at the time. i had listened to punk before but my retarded teenage angst pushed it to the background.

i remember climbing into his cream colored old ass car with the maroon interior and hearing nofx, and mxpx, and the sex pistols, and all that stuff all over again. it made me so happy, in a time i barely new what happiness was.

it truly was a life altering experience. it was the best vacation of my life. whenever i hear that song i get teary-eyed. i would love to go back there and meet dave again... but he's become a bible thumper :(

going back home after this passion was rekindled was hard. everyone hated punk music. but i stuck it out until all the haters then became to like it because of emo. emo makes the baby jesus cry. i find it funny that people were all like "i hate that shit!!! i'll never ever listen to it" and they like it now.

(i'm ending that tangent right the fuck now... it won't bring goodness)

shawn reminds me a lot of dave. they look similar and they act similar i'm glad i've captured that forever. :)

i am so punk rock. not like in the way you probably think i mean it. the music touches something deep inside me. it's simple and raw and happy... the lyrics are true and not overloaded with metaphor. it's simple.... and clean...

it's the new minimalist design movement (which i live by) in a handy song form.

more on my summery music later.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, happy, i hate south georgia, wistful musings about the past

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