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sublime is another one of those things that makes me happy.

it reminds me of the beach.... at night.... with shawn... when it's raining... chasing crabs.

it's the music of summer.

laid back and mellow :)

i feel really good lately. i dunno why since rent's coming up and we don't have 1/3 of the money we need. but it's not bothering me.

so much of the stuff that bothers me are such little things... many of which i have no control over (green lights that are side by side and not the same color green..... the "yellow" cab and trucking company, whose logos and vehicles are orange)... but the less stress i have on me... the less that shit bothers me.

school is stressful. it's not that i'm learning all kinds of new shit... i just have projects out the ass. working in the real world i wouldn't have 4 new projects every week due by next. it's completely unrealistic.

i'm being told some funny shit and it's made me lose my train of thought (damn you kevin).
Tags: art school, boyfriends past and present, friends, happy, money, self exploration

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