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i just switched form earthlink to bellsouth because their dsl was twice as fast with three times the up.

let me say that i've been a bellsouth customer for one day now and i already fucking regret it.

their customer service is ass. their shipping is ass. apparently my modem is "on my front porch". i don't even have a front porch. and apparently it was delivered at 9:30pm. i was here then. i heard no knock. i know it's not in the office because the office is closed at 9:30 and there was nothing outside of it.


fucking almost 24 hours without service. i almost went insane. *kills things*

oh! i got a new crabby because tilly died :\ (rip tilly)

new crabby is fiesty, and nameless. he and rupert are gonna be friends. i just know it.

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