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i added a second level to the crabbies' home, it's a coconut bark sheet held on with suction cups. lentil has decided that this second level is his and his alone.

rupert has taken to trying to escape. this was last night. i later moved the hygrometer to where he couldn't use it to assist his escape, and weighed the lid down. when i woke up this morning (by morning, i mean 3p) shawn told me that rupert had escaped and fell down onto my camera (my real camera, my slr, which i keep next to my monitor). apparently shawn thought it was a good idea to crack the lid towards the back, where the cholla wood is high and rupert just climbed out. i'll have you know that rupert's just a tad bit bigger than a golf ball, and he has to reach almost 3 inches to escape. i'm strangely proud.

oh! and as you can see, rupert has switched to a new shell. which makes him look more purple than dark red (which you can't tell in this at all because my camera's colors are ass in low light). i missed him switching shells though :\

since this picture i've stablized the humidty and it's sitting at a pretty 75%. it goes all wonky when i'm asleep though, because i can't leave the lid cracked, and i wake up with condensation on the glass. since getting the lid cut, and thus boosting the humidity, the crabbies have been really movey though, so i figure i'm doing something right.

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