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Go to images.google.com. Type in your answers to the following…

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Go to images.google.com. Type in your answers to the following questions and post the first postable image result for each (although this may depend on your definition of what is "postable.")

Place you grew up, place you live now, your name, your grandmother's name, favourite food, favourite drink, favourite song, favourite smell, favourite shoe

place i grew up:

place i live now:

my name:

my grandmother's name:

favorite food:

favorite drink:

favorite song:

favorite smell:

favorite shoe:

iiiin other news, i think i get to buy my engine today. !!!!!

that car geekiness post i've been promising, it's coming. believe me.
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blah blah
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social distortion: reach for the sky
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On February 17th, 2005 12:11 am (UTC), s0ur_times commented:
place i grew up

place i live now

my name

my grandmother's noame

favorite food

favorite drink

favorite song

favorite smell

favorite shoe (oh the irony)

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