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post of unmentionable car geekiness:

my engine's dead. it's been dead since december. which is okay with me, because i was planning on swapping anyway.

the milkcarton came stock with a d15b2 (we think it's a b2. it's a b something). for those of you not familiar with honda's engine naming scheme that's a d series 1.5 liter engine. it's a sohc with a whopping 92hp. although my car is light as fuck, 92 hp just isn't quite enough to make it up hills satisfactorily (although it is rather zippy on the interstate). i hate having to make my car drop a gear to just be able to crawl up a hill. it's fucking sad.

i've been bemoaning my car's total pussiness since i got it, but only dreamed of swapping because i'm poor as fuck. so, when my engine finally died, i was overjoyed. finally! the perfect excuse to upgrade.

i wanted to upgrade to a zc, which is a 1.6 liter direct bolt-in jdm engine. it has 130ish hp, dohc, with domed pistons (which i just think is neat). we called around last week and there was one in stock at the place we got shawn's engine. and called back today and they had sold it. :\

the swap has got to be done this weekend, we can't wait until that place has them back in stock next month.

so we call around and this other place says they have a zc for $50 more. and i put in to go up there and check it out. we get up there and it's not a zc, it's a d16a8. i'm pissed, because fuckers told me it was a zc.

we got home and looked it up and it turns out that the d16a8 is the edm version of the zc (it came out of the rover and the european crx). the only difference is the d16 has slightly less compression and it doesn't have the 4-2-1 header :\ (i really want the 4-2-1 header. i have no idea why)

buuuuut, it's $100 cheaper, and they don't have a real zc, and i need the shit by this weekend, so i have a feeling i'm about to be the proud owner of a d16a8.

which is actually kinda funny, because i'm looking into buying some edm corner/tail lights for my car, and making the bumper lights amber. the european wagons just looked so much fucking better. but all that comes after the engine. just having the milkcarton running will be enough to make alicia a happy girl.
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