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the engine is running.

we brought shawn's old fuel injectors to get the o rings off of them (incase the parts store fucked up, which they did, so it was really fortunate that we had the extra injectors), and we got there and hawn decided to just use his because it'd be easier than taking the o rings off adn switching them. the injectors came off of a 2.0 or a 2.2 liter engine, and the ecu was already gonna make it run rich because it's for a slightly different engine, but we figured that it would get us home and that was the main concern.

the injectors didn't fix it. i wasn't getting spark at all.

some of the plugs had worn wires, so shawn fixed those, and it started kinda working, but backfiring through the intake. we ended up calling some guy that works for a honda place to come over and check it out. we fucked around with the distributor, that didn't fix it, we adjusted the timing, that didn't fix it.

so shawn told him about the injectors, and he looked at shawn like he was an idiot and was like "the engine is obd0 and those injectors are obd1, of course it's not gonna work" so those were switched, and yay! it finally started running.

and smoking. and idling rough. but that worked itself out. so we filled up the fluids and took it for a test drive.

aaaaand... the transimission won't come out of 2nd. we can manually shift it into second, but it won't go into 3rd or 4th at all. there happens to be an extra plug down near the transmission but we can't figure out where that plugs into after over an hour of searching.

so we drive home on the interstate topping out at 30 mph. it took an hour and 45 mins to get home (it's a 40 minute drive).

although we had to take off the power steering pump, when i'm going over 30, the car feels exactly the same. the steering is only going to suck in parking lots until i get that fixed. by fixed i mean either find a bracket that will mount up properly or get custom lines run.

i still have no fucking idea why my transmission isn't working. it's a bit low on fluid (when we orginally filled it up it looked like we had put in way too much but after letting the car run, it went down), and there's that plug... but i have no idea where that plug goes o_O

this is so lame.

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