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so i'm 21 now. and still stuck in alma. i spent all day today…

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so i'm 21 now.

and still stuck in alma. i spent all day today straightening out my mom's spyware filled, virus infected computer.

i told her a year ago not to install things, or to call me first and to leave the computer on all the time because i've set it to do all its maintenance automatically. does she do this? no.

she also just bought an ibook, and wanted to be able to use the airport card, so i also took on the task of routing dialup (which is a lot harder than i was expecting).

after spending about 2 hours figuring that out, mom decided that she wants broadband. thanks mom.

so i'm going up to the isp tomorrow to get a modem and stuff and set that up so she doesn't get ripped off because my mom has no idea what she's doing with computers. it's okay though, as frustrating as it is, i like networking and other general computer piddling.

oh! and i go tmy hair cut and colored. i feel all pretty!

i also met my aunt's new spawn this weekend. it's a very floppy little boy named cameron. he happens to be the most well behaved baby i've ever had the displeasure of being terrified that i'm going to snap its neck the entire time i was holding it. he doesn't cry, he just kinda scrunches up his nose and opens his mouth really wide when he's pissy. it's really cute.

and i was forced to buy him clothes. so i got him this adorable jumper thing with feet on it and a dinosaur on the leg that had its neck spike things sticking out from the seam. it was quite adorable, and i wish i were small enough to fit in it.

<_< but yeah, i hate babies.
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On March 14th, 2005 05:34 am (UTC), fuzzdecay commented:
if i were to have kids, there's no way in fucking hell i'd take them inside a church. ever.
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