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Created by andy and taken 12941 times on bzoink!
Birthplacedouglas, ga
Current locationatlanta, ga
Hairvery slighty reddy brown (definitely mostly brown)
Height5' 7"
Righty or Leftyambi, slightly favoring right
Zodiac Signpisces
Your heritagegerman/norwegian
Your weaknessi have lots of various weaknesses
Your shoes you wore todaymy feet have been free all day
Your fearsfailing at life
Your perfect pizzachicken, bacon, extra cheese
Goal you'd like to achievegraduate and move on with my life
Your thoughts first waking upmmm.... ughhhh... :\
Your best physical featurelips?
Your bedtimebetween 6-9am
Your most missed memoryunder the covers, smiling at him
Pepsi or Cokedr pepper :P
McDonald's or Burger Kingmcdonalds. they have the superior fries.
Single or group datesi've never really dated, so i dunno
Adidas or Nikeummm.... ? i dunno
Lipton Ice Tea or Nesteai fucking hate tea. (i'm a bad southerner)
Chocolate or vanillavanilla
Cappuccino or coffeeyes please
Smokenever. it's disgusting.
Singi love to.
Take showers dailyer.... i try to? i'm disgusting.
Have a crushi dunno if it really counts as a crush
Think you've been in loveyep
Want to go collegei'm in college
Want to get marriedmaybe, although i don't agree with marriage as an institution
Believe in yourselfas in "i think therefore i am"? or as in "i think i'm going to make it"? because i definitely have no faith in my ability to make it, nor in my "talents"
Get motion sicknessnope
Think you're attractiveno
Think you're a health freaknot at fucking all
Get along with your parentswith my mom, yes. i haven't seen my dad in 16 years.
Like thunderstormslove them!
Play an instrumenti played flute for a while in band. i was first/second chair.
Layer.six - in the past months
Gone to the malli've been a few times. it's within 3 miles of my apt.
Eaten an entire box of Oreosi really dislike oreos
Eaten sushino. i hate rice. sushi = mostly rice.
Been on stagenope
Gone skatingno
Made homemade cookiesof course
Gone skinny dippingno :\
Dyed your hairyep
Stolen anythingi can't remember. it's distinctly possible. - ever..
Been trashed or extremely intoxicatedof course. what person has made it through their teenage years without?
Been called a teaseonce or twice
Got beaten upnope
Age you hoped to be marriedwhenever it feels right
Number and name of children0
Dream weddingsomething casual, small, and not in a church
How do you want to diefulfilled
Where do you want to attend collegei'm already in college. damn quizzes made by highschoolers.
Dream jobfreelancing
Country you want to visitgermany
Layer.nine - In a guy/girl...
Best eye colorgreen/blue
Best hair colordark, regardless of hue.
Short or long hairshort
Heightunder 5' 11"
Best weightchubby
Best clothingi don't care, as long as they're comfortable and mildly presentable
Best first date locationsomewhere quiet where we're alone, you know... for talking and stuff
Best first kiss locationthat's actually something i've never thought about
Number of drugs taken illegallyummm.... imma just skip this one.
Number of people I could trust with my life3
Number of CDs that I ownprobably about 60, not including burned ones
Number of piercings13
Number of tattoos2
Number of times my name's been in the news4-5
Number of scars on my body3-4
Number of things in my past that I big thing

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my crab's aquarium is destroyed. i have a feeling that rupert must have emerged last night.

and last night we had fuzzday cup cakes and a strange party egghunt. neonjellibean and i were on a team and whisperindminor, equusk, and feachador were on a team. kelly and i spanked their asses. in fact, we hid their eggs so well that we forgot were we hid two of them and they're still at large.

at least they were plastic eggs.

it was so warm in alma and so pretty. and it's all cold and rainy up here. fucking atlanta, it's spring. start acting like it already.

but the ass tree hasn't started smelling yet! eventhough it bloomed a week ago. we'll see how long my luck holds out.

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