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it's so warm and pretty outside! the doors have been open since i woke up.

and the ass trees don't smell bad at all! i see this as a personal victory, because usually they start smelling bad during the beginning of march. maybe this year i'll get to enjoy spring for a few days before they start to smell.

there are flowers in all the stores i've been into in the past week. they smell so pretty! i went to home depot, and they are selling freesia. i fucking <3 freesia! i wish i had some money to buy some, they're so pretty and they smell so nice.

easter lillies smell really good, too. i feel like a bad atheist for liking them.

all of my crabbies were up last night to play except edward and rupert. the pps were having a little party on the grape vine (that would be: liam, arly, and lentil) and lilly spent the night trying to dig up the food dish. after the pps went to bed, lilly decided to completely destroy the aquarium, and stare at me while she did it.

i think she likes making my life harder.

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