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i'm trying that lj picture hosting thing. i have a whole shrine to my crabs in there. yes, i am a loser.


i made a net for the crabbies, (i hand knotted it because i'm obviously some sort of masochist, and i have absolutely nothing else to do with my life right now. seriously. i've spent the last few days trying to fold a fucking origami t-rex. gah! my life = sad) and lentil loves it!

he looks like a little pirate!!!! i'm going to die from cuteness! <3<3<3<3<3!!!!!!!!


i finally got a picture of lilly. she's extremely skittish which is odd to me since she's so much of a bully to the other crabs. she's so fucking pretty! you can't see it in the picture, but her feelers are road cone orange, it looks great against the dark purple. she's really a beautiful crab, i think that's why she's such a bitch.

happy zombie jesus day (i don't really mean that. easter is fucking stupid. yay for living in the jewish part of town, because i know everything isn't gonna close!)
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