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eventful evening. i started making the 2nd level for the crabs, and…

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eventful evening.

i started making the 2nd level for the crabs, and when i came back from walmart after getting the aquarium sealant, lilly and liam were having a little crabby dinner date in the food dish.

then liam went over and changed into two shells that were too small.

only, liam looked kinda strange, his big pincher was burgundy instead of purple like it had been.

....that's when i realized, it wasn't liam, it was a freshly molted rupert.

he was smaller than pre molt and still light pink. now he's puffed up a bit and it darker red, but he keeps streaking, so i had to completely ghetto rig an iso so i could separate him out so the other crabs don't attack him.


i hope he lives, i've only had one other crab molt and he didn't live through it. keep your fingers crossed!

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On March 28th, 2005 10:32 pm (UTC), aubieturtle commented:
Does this mean that Lily has turned her shell on Liam and is now dating Rupert? For answers, tune in tomorrow, same crabby channel, same crabby time, for the next episode of "Survivor: Alica's Crab Tank"
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