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since winter got to me like 4 months ago, i've been nursing a healthy case of the emo.

the emo doesn't become me. that's sooooo not who i am. but the god damn weather won't make up its mind whether it wants to be winter or spring.

so, fuck the weather.

i'll just sleep all day and pretend that it's spring and listen to nice happy bouncy music and lift my own god damned spirits. (this is what i've been doing for the past week)

which, brings me to why i'm up at this ungodly hour on a friday. after a brief visit to the grocery store at 6am, i noticed that although wet, it wasn't as bitterly cold as it has been. it was, in fact, moist and pleasantly warm, much like the crabbies' home. i squealed and danced a little happy dance in the parking lot, which i'm extremely apt to do.

the sun's out now and it's pretty and makes me happy. i <3 the sun when i'm not actually out in it and it's not obscuring my sight while i'm driving.

i also had an assload of caffiene and like, half a bag of oreos. sooo.... i think i'll be up for a while.

for the past few days i've been piddling in illustrator a lot, which is refreshing, since school made me swear off artsy stuff for a while because it broke my will as an artist.

fuck school. seriously, i'm tired of having to take myself so fucking seriously. so..... i'm not going to anymore. i will play, and i will like it, and i'll stop feeling like that school is bleeding my soul from me. it's my soul, and they can't have it. they already have way more of my money than my soul is worth anyhow.

also, i have the second level in crabby home now and everyone's back home and happily digging around. i actually got some pictures of arly:

i know she looks huge, but she's seriously about the size of a dime. she's so tiny, and oh so adorable! she hid a lot at first, but i'm starting to see her personality now. she's really hyper in spurts, so she'll run around for a few mins and then spend an hour catching her breath. she's also strangely not scared of lilly.

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