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it was so warm today!

kelly and i played with the puppies at the pet store between classes.

when i got to chemistry, the teacher was surprised and really happy. she was like "you were the top of the class! i can't believe you had dropped!" and i told her about having the plague and she was like "oh... well i'm glad that you're back!!"

she's this really funny, eccentric british girl, and i really like her class. it moves a bit slow because people that go to my school are retarded, but she's really a delight to be around. she's all bouncy and happy and wears really colorful clothes and pronounces things like "aluminum" and "vitamin" all wrong and it confuses people. i like her more than any other science teacher i've ever had, eventhough i didn't/won't learn a damn thing in her class probably.

i got out extremely early and took a nap and i'm still fucking sleepy.

it was good to get out of class and have the sun still be out. that and the mildly oppressive warmth/humidity definitely makes me happy.

i should move to someplace where there is no winter.

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