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crabby picture time!! (i've been saving these up for quite a while…

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crabby picture time!! (i've been saving these up for quite a while now)

i've been trying to get lilly's feelers for a while, since they're all pretty and bright orange. i finally got them, although the pictures are blurry.


lilly ponders the reflection of oreos

before this one, she was threatening me with her feelers and as soon as i brough out the camera she got all shy and hid them. it's the cutest thing in the world! <3
shyness revisited

lilly decided that she wanted a piggy back ride from lentil.
crab pile!

i have no fucking clue what lentil is doing with his antennae, but it looks hilarious! <3
feelers of d00m!

i made my first carrot cake from scratch! except i didn't have enough ingredients so i had to 1/4th the recipe and i had to little i decided to make cupcakes with it. so i made 6 carrot cupcakes. i put a bit too much clove in it so they taste like oatmeal cookies, though. oatmeal cookies with really yummy cream cheese icing. mmm...

it's all springy outside and i've been lacking in the emo, which defintely cuts out half of the shit i'd regularly post about. so just pretend that i'm updating :P

the 99x morning show (<3 toucher!) did this thing where they hooked up this slutty intern with these extremely geeky boys, there was a weeklong contest to see who would get her this weekend (she guaranteed whoever won would get fucked, and i believe she's going to talk about it on the air), and it was simply hilarious.

one of the guys in question actually has an lj: lfp6, i definitely suggest reading it for entertainment purposes if you're bored or something. it gives a good feel of the contest.

i've been to all my classes, and it's looking to be a decent and laid back quarter (finally... argh) i decided to stop pushing myself so hard and just do what i can. i was turning into someone that i didn't like due to the constant stress.
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On April 8th, 2005 06:05 pm (UTC), balyn commented:
*hugs* Always better to be yourself, and now I'm going to have to try to get some yummy carrot cake.
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On April 9th, 2005 03:47 am (UTC), beat_me_clever commented:
If you have extra carrot cake, you should make carrot cake soup. Its freakin' delicious.

Did you make the frosting as well? Last time I made carrot cake I made my own frosting and it was delicious.
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