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my dsl modem is so dead.

it died when i was on tag. they probably think i'm a bitch now.

and omg i missed sunny's member's show. :((((((((((( (i was seriously looking forward to it cuz sunnycrittenden is adorable)

i was on the phone with the tech support guy for over an hour switching between my pc and mac trying to get this shit fixed. but it turns out that my modem ate its own ass and we're waiting on a new one to get here. 56k sucks. and we only get like 20 hours so i've been trying to limit my online time.

shawn and i are auctioning off a total gym because we have no money for rent and we don't wanna be homeless. lose weight and help me keep my apt (not that i expect anyone to bid, because most of you guys are broke like me) the auction doesn't start until like midnight tonight (edt) on the offchance that anyone is interested. (shawn insisted the auction page look like poo on a stick. i have no idea why)

i read back through some of my old journal out of boredom. i might post date it and add it to this one so it'll be one long continuous journal. i dunno. reading back the little i did made me really sad, and yet made me appreciate what i have now more. i'm not calling everyone all weekend trying to track shawn down. i don't doubt what shawn tells me. it just...... nice.

life, in that respect, is fan-fucking-tastic. it's so simple now. i had no idea a year ago that i'd meet such a great guy. (it'll be a year in 4 days!!!!!) i had no idea how meeting him would change my life.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, computer stuff, geekery, happy, milkcarton!, money, wistful musings about the past

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