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shawn and i were on the intestate today (on 285) right where it connects with ga400. we exit off right before 400 to get home.

well we were stuck in the line of traffic going onto 400 in the rightmost lane and we noticed a line of cars coming up the corrugated shoulder. the cars would drive up to where the exit right before 400 started and would then merge over to get into the exit only lane for 400.

needless to say, i was pissed. one bitch in a red mustang started merging into us and then waved, like we were letting her over, so shawn honked until she backed off and merged in behind us. i start in on my "where the fuck are cops when you need them??!?!??" rant.

not 2 minutes later, a cop starts walking down the shoulder and calls the red mustang bitch out of traffic and gives her a ticket. i laughed heartily and i know that bitch heard it because she was right beside us and the windows were down.

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