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it's so weird that whenever i come online all my old school buddies…

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it's so weird that whenever i come online all my old school buddies are going to bed. other than that, life goes on as usual. like i'm on some sort of weird ass extra long summer break. which.... i suppose i am since my career as a student isn't quite over. life's good. just not very active. it's like sleep, phone, icecream, puter, phone, sleep. imma gain my freshman 50 before i even become a freshman. jesus fucking christ. i need to sleep less and get out and do shit. ha! like that's gonna happen. i gotta go to atl saturday to sign up for classes and stuffs. yay! bad stuff isn't as prevalent anymore. everything's fluffy. my life is changing slowly. i dunno, i'm in a completely fucking different state of mind now. it's like... i'm a different person. i finally let a lot of shit die that really needed to. i feel like i'm about 3 again. before i lost my childhood. when i could still run around and play and be completely unaware of all the bad shit that was happening around me. it's like that but it isn't. hard to explain really. i've just been thinking a lot lately, not that thinking that makes me depressed but thinking it through the depression into some type of closure. i feel like one of those dumb ass bitches that have a smile plastered on their face at all times. but not how they feel on the inside, how they project themselves to feel. i'd smile all the time if it didn't make my cheeks hurt.
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