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i made a metric fuckload of dirt cake last night. i ate a…

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i made a metric fuckload of dirt cake last night. i ate a tiny bit of it (comparatively) and my tummy is about to explode.

this picture makes it look deceptively small. that bowl is the largest out of a set of bowls, the size below it i can wear as a hat and have room to spare. and i happen to have a huge head.

mmmm.... the yummy layers of oreos and pseudo cheesecake....

and today i had to go to a lunch and learn about religion in science classrooms where i found out that i was the only atheist. it turned into one giant sermon. i was pissed at my teacher for forcing me to go.

my clicky thing to get into the underground parking broke again, and when i was in there getting it fixed i talked to two of my neighbors from the other buildings. the girl was in there because her clicky thing was broken too, and the guy was in there because he couldn't find the sanitizing wipes for the tanning bed. they're the first people under 30 i've seen living here other than the trash that hang out by the mailboxes at night. it's actually pretty sweet, there are only like 3 kids that live in the entire complex and no loud parties or anything.

i actually only know the guy that lives beside me because he's lived there the entire time i have and i pass him in the hallway every so often because he walks his little yippy dog, and i just met my new across the hall neighbor yesterday as i was going to school. he's 50ish. he asked me how i can stand living over the walking gate to the underground parking, because it clangs since people keep fucking with the hinge. i don't really talk to anyone though, and they never talk to me. it's all smiles and nods. so, it was nice to talk to some people today and get a better feel for who i'm lviing with.
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On May 21st, 2005 12:57 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay commented:
it's quite possibly the most fun game in the world.
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