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the high school starts back on the 9th. it's so weird that i'm not going to be going back. i still have 60 more days until i move off and start college. 60 days doesn't sound like a long time now, but i know that it is. a lot can happen in a day. i think it'd be nice to say that i feel sorry for all my peoples that have to go back to condom high in only a matter of days, but i don't. not cuz i'm a bitch either. because they need to go back to hell to fully enjoy being out of it. on that note, it's pretty sweet to be out of there. i'm really happy with my life right now. yay! even though shawn is giving me shit about actually sitting up and being productive. it's hard to type and think and talk all at the same time. really hard. so i'm gonna stop.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, happy, moving off to college

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