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we're gonna part out my old door to maybe regain some of the money we spent on the junkyard... so i have a car door sitting in my fucking living room now. i really wanted to put it outside, but the engine and the bikes are taking up every bit of my balcony.

the living room is actually full of old computers and shairs and shit so the only place to put the door is leaned up against the french doors, which happens to block me off to my plants, and takes up a nicely part of my area of the living room.

i have got to clean the fucking living room. it's like living in an incredibly poorly laid out thrift store. as much as i like living in my own filth... it's gotta stop.

today is going to fucking suck. i have so much shit that has to be done, like, now. most pressing would be rent... yes, rent for june, not july, i'm playing the eviction game again. i really fucking hate my school and their complete inability to get my checks to me in time. it really sucks because it's not like i'm not gonna hafta pay the money back to them when i graduate anyways... and now on top of paying that money back i end up losing extra money from constantly paying my rent late. *hates things*

i have to admit, that this is my least favorite break. i even like the lame 2 week break i get in spring more than this one. this is the only break i have while all the school children are out too, so i can't go anywhere without being accosted with screetching children. i'd kill to go to the park and be able to swing by myself.

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