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i got back from disney a few days ago. i'm stuck in alma now due to my mom's car being fucked up. so i've been bored.

lots of swimming though. and i've avoided another major sunburn!

i've also got roped into babysitting devin (9) and cameron (4 months) for a day. it was.... less hellish than i was expecting since devin just played video games and cameron slept the entire time. i found out that cameron likes music, so the short time he was awake i just played hot hot heat for him (since that shit's stuck in my fucking head) and it kept him quiet.

i think my family is trying to use them to show me that children really aren't that bad.... ha! i know the secrets of the childed, they can't fool me. i know about the sleepless nights and the cleaning of excrement. fuck that.

i'm teaching my aunt (who is 37, by the way) how to cook right now. i don't see how you can make it that long without knowing how to cook.

we're starting out with instant pudding and working our way up from there. it was seriously sad that she had difficulty making instant pudding.

i had dippin dots when i was in orlando! it'd been years since i had dippin dots. i <3 them the mostest! and i got to hang out on the beach, didn't find any hermit crabs in the wild though. oh well.

i miss my crabbies! <3 (v)ii(v)
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