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in case you didn't know, jones soda makes popsicles. i just got a box to nurse my sore throat back to health and they're pretty good.

my mom gave me her ibook after i fought with her about it for a few months (i was just gonna buy my own with my next check) and i've finally gotten it close to how i need it. i have the cs suite and studio mx on it. and umm... ijournal and instant messengers...

i obviously only use my computer for a couple of things.

i lost my tummy ring while in disney and it was out damn near a week before i got home and could put one of my old nipple rings in it. it had closed up and i had to shove a (blunt) captive bead ring through it so it's been all sore and crusty and stuffs (the fact that it's a ring and not a bar just compounds the problem because it flops from side to side) so i'm having to do happy saltwater soaks. it's like being 16 all over again!

i think having gone 5 years and just now having my second problem with it isn't too bad. when i first got it, it took damn near an entire year to heal because it kept getting infected. i swear to god, if this healing turns out like the time my right nipple ripped a little and i spent a year and a half nursing it back to complete health i'll.....

whine a lot and still refuse to take it out. :\
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