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Such · a · pretty · girl · Happy · in · an · ugly · place

thought it was about time for another rambling thought. life is going…

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thought it was about time for another rambling thought. life is going well. i'm really looking forward to getting the hell out of here. i realize that the world has much to offer me that i'm just not gonna get down here in dirt road country. i'm feeling... dare i say it... happy lately. how often does that get said in here? my journal is usually just me bitching. i'm looking forward to the anonymity that i'm going to get in atlanta. i'll just be another person instead of this stigma i've become. it's like i have less baggage now. it's hard to explain really. i feel like a kid before i got warped. my new tat is healing so pretty. i can't wait until it does. i'm so proud of it. it was so great having it drilled in alone. i got in this zone i've never been in before and this strange sense of clarity, maybe closure. i'm not sure but it was a good thing. life is basically full of unexpectant sweetness, except that i'm uncertain about one important thing that i really don't want to be uncertain about. i suppose it'll come in time. if i push it might not come at all. i dunno. it's coo because i get those little nervous butterflies but it sucks when i'm laying in bed trying to go to sleep deep in doubt.
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