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i think i'm the only southerner that hates sweet tea. but god damn,…

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i think i'm the only southerner that hates sweet tea.

but god damn, that shit is vile. it's like melted candy and weak piss mixed together. i'd almost rather drink beer, and everyone knows that beer is the most digusting thing in the world.

i actually have hated every kind of tea i've ever drank, ever. if anyone wants to try and break me of this, feel free. i remember when i first started drinking coffee that i hated it until i found sumatra, and i've learned to love it. i think i might learn to love tea if i just find one that i don't think takes like warmed over ass.

i managed to take a break from my fucking off and actually got half of my work done, i'm proud of myself. this 5 day weekend shit, while sweet on paper, is doing nothing but making me a complete lazy fuck. i have got to take advantage of this schedule and go to the beach a few times this summer or i'll forever hate myself.

i've been listening to motorcade of generosity over and over today. actually, i've been listening to every cake song i have over and over for the past.... week. it puts me where i need to be to design what i'm designing. and i'm finally learning all the words that have eluded me all this time. i'm fuckign in love with jolene, it's become my new favorite cake song. i have no idea what it is about it... it's just ear love.

i've been doing a lot of thinking lately about what's going to happen when i graduate, since that's going to be happening really soon. i feel so helpless because i have no idea what it is that i'm going to do when i do graduate because i've put off thinking about it for so long, and it's coming up pretty fast. i have like, 3 quarters left (yes yes... i know... i was supposed to graduate this quarter... whatever). that's less than a year to get my shit straight and figure out where my life is going to go.

that's an awful lot of pressure. there are a few things i want to do, that i want to do equally badly, and i have to choose between them, and pretty much whatever i choose is going to vastly effect my life.

i'm not ready to have a real life. i love being in college, but to get into the grad school i want, i have to have work experience in my field. stupid being an adult.
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On July 22nd, 2005 02:26 pm (UTC), trippingbilly commented:
Ok Fuzz... Knowing where I'm from, you should appreciate my knowledge of sweet tea.

Try this: Go to Zaxby's (yes, Zaxby's). When they give you your cup with ice in it, squeeze a couple of lemon wedges into the bottom of it. Then, pour half sweet tea in and half unsweet tea. Stir it up a little with a straw. See what you think.

Most southerners put WAY too much sugar in their tea and/or brew it way too weak. Zaxby's corrects the latter, brewing it long enough for my tastes, but they still fail on my sugar content criterion. By mixing sweet and unsweet, I can usually get it about right. It's the best sweet tea I can find aside from making it at home.

Oh, and for the record, I hated beer all through college. Much like your Sumatra revelation, I found out only in the last couple of years that my hatred was fueled by the fact that I was drinking shitty beer. Try a good pale ale. Flying Dog, Sweetwater (they're Atlanta-based!), and Sierra Nevada all have decent offerings. Avoid any beer you ever see at a frat party or sporting event. Don't take libation advice from people wering ties *and* baseball caps at the same time, nor from those who paint their faces and dance shirtless in their seats. Trust me, neither cares what their alcohol vehicle tastes like, as long as the alcohol gets to its destination.
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On July 23rd, 2005 09:02 am (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
people have told me to try imported beer, but someone who relaly likes beer and knows me really well thinks that i probably wouldn't like any of the ones he's ever tried.
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On July 23rd, 2005 01:59 pm (UTC), trippingbilly replied:
Well, certainly your friend knows you better than I. But, it's not even necessarily about "imports" and "domestics". The three breweries I named are all American. =)
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