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thank you all so much for the love and support. i know i've definitely needed it.

my mom sent poochy off to be cremated because she doesn't want to bury him, which i find a smidgen creepy. we've always buried our animals, but she's scared some foxes might dig him up or that she'll have to move away and she doesn't want to leave him there.

i don't see how she can talk to me about him without crying. i can't even type about him without crying. it's not like she's not upset though, my entire family is. even my grandpa that always called him "stupid dog" and would ignore him all the time with he was trying to beg for food. poochy would follow him around when he was working in the yard like a little shadow.

i'll never have another animal anywhere near as sweet and cute and loving as him. i wish i had pictures of him that i could post. he was such an adorable little ugly dog.

i wish i would just stop hurting. i like to think talking about it is helping, but i dunno if it is. it seems like it's just keeping the wound fresh.

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