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yesterday was hellish. i managed to finish everything though, i dunno how.

(my bathroom is covered in dirty clothes. ignore)

my teacher said i "won the prize" for the most interesting/experimental use of materials. yay!

random foot pictures that i blame on lack of sleep. i also blame the blurry cam pictures i posted yesterday on my lack of sleep.

i have scars on my feet from wearing thong sandals insead of my birkenstocks. my feet are frail. i need to get my birkis fixed :\

i got to spend some time with kelly yesterday. it was nice as i haven't seen her in forever. my mom is supposedly up here on wednesday and dolsen's up here today, but i dunno if i can see him because he's in south atlanta and i don't trust my car that much.

i really just feel like laying around and being lazy today. yesterday broke me.

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