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ph33r my geekiness

the desktop on my ibook

yes yes, i'm working. i just sent some stuff off to print and i'm about halfway done with my package stuff. i've been busting my ass all weekend.

this weekend has been a sad one. 3 of my crabs have died due to a fruit fly infestation that i didn't notice until they turned up dead. so i only have lentil, marigold, benjamin, arly, and liam.

rupert was the worst off when he died. his squishy bum like, exploded and was completely deflated. i cried for hours. i'm worried about my remaining crabs, i'm keeping an extremely close eye on them. lilly didn't survive the bathing they had to have following me finding rupert dead and full of maggots. it stressed her out too much. i feel awful. i love them so much and i try to treat them as well as i can. i don't see how this happened.

the same day i found rupert and pascal dead, baily (rat) bit the shit out of my arm. it's still bruised and hurty. that was possibly one of the worst days i've had ever, aside from the day i found out about poochy.

this quarter has been so hard for me. especially the last 2 weeks.

i need love. and more crabbies once this crisis is over. their home seems so empty with only 5 crabbies.

i'm so stressed out and... sad. very very sad.

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