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i just registered for my next quarter classes. i have no idea why i have to register for classes the week after midterms, but whatever.

i'm taking professional development, environmental design, and advanced typography.

so i have another insanely long weekend, except instead of being wednesday-sunday, it's saturday-tuesday. i can deal with a 4 day weekend instead of 5.

after fall quarter, i only have winter and spring and i'm out. all i have to take after fall quarter is art direction and 2 gen ed electives and the rest is senior project/interactive senior project/portfolio stuff.

it's still shitty that i'm graduating 3 quarters behind what i should, but whatever. i'm still going to be out with a bfa in under 4 years.

my head feels like ass and i haven't wanted to work for like 3 days because of it. *sigh* time to start busting ass for final projects. september break can't come fast enough. september break is always best because all the kids are in school and i can play on the playgrounds without being bothered \m/

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